How much time and attention should you spend on a new employee?

Your day is busy enough juggling a thousand different priorities to keep your business running. So why should you invest time in mentoring and training a new employee or intern? Aren't they there to free your time, not make demands on it? No!

Regard a new employee as an ADDITION to your team. This person will help your business GROW and growth requires more work, not less. Some questions to consider:

Who do you already know that can assist you in finding the help you need?

How will this new person's experience and skills improve your operations?

What will be needed from you to integrate this person into your company culture?

What networking opportunities can you open for this person and your company?

When will you make time to be a mentor each week?

Why do you want assistance and how much time and money are you prepared to spend on getting it?

Finding out what you can do for them AND what they can do for you will take a time commitment and implementing those strategies will take an energy promise. So don't take on what you cannot afford. Ask not (only) what your intern can do for you, but what you can do for your intern.

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