Good Customer Service: Why You Need to Hear Complaints

I can’t stand walking into a store and not being greeted. I’m not talking about the sales reps being busy with other customers, although they should still say ‘hello’. I’m referring to walking into a store with no other customers and not having my presence acknowledged. It’s rude! It shows me that you don’t value my business.

Providing first class customer service is so important. It can set you apart from your competitors, especially if your products or services are quite similar. When your customer is comfortable with you, they’re more open to your suggestions (or sales pitch) and they’re more likely to come back. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. Make sure your customers have a positive experience and you will get referrals.


As someone with years of customer service experience, I can tell you that dealing with complaints is the most dreaded part of the job. People can be nasty. Sometimes they’re frustrated with other things and that translates to their encounter with you. However, no matter how much tact a customer may or may not lack, most of the time, you can take something positive away from their feedback. Change your perspective; you are lucky! You’ve been given information on how to improve directly from the source. As a result of this information, you can adapt to better please your customers in the future.

People are more likely to go home and complain about their negative experiences to their family and friends than they are to tell you what they were unhappy with. Thanks to social media, there is even more pressure to make sure that your customers have positive things to say about you. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. Try to implement some of these strategies for delivering customer service online

I know when I don’t feel welcomed in a store, I walk out. I don't give them the opportunity to learn exactly what it was that turned me off from buying. When you receive a complaint, listen. Show your customers that you care about making them happy. If you resolve the issue in the right way, you can regain your customer’s trust.

PR professionals are experts in resolving issues and sustaining relationships. If you need help communicating with your clients, reach out to us. We’d be glad to help.

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