5 Tip Tuesday: How to Appeal to Your Audience

Your audience should be everything to you. If your viewers (or customers) aren’t happy, your business is in trouble. All of your actions, both online and off, affect the way you are perceived by potential clients. This Tuesday, we’ve got 5 tips on how to appeal to your audience.

1. Take Good Pictures 

The web is a very visual place and if you want to make your presence known, you have to comply. Know which angles flatter you best. The right angle can make you look phenomenal while the wrong angle can do the exact opposite. Get in front of the mirror and practice striking your most flattering poses so that when you’re put on the spot, everything will come to you naturally.

Good lighting is also a must. When you’re taking a photo, the light needs to be on your subject. Not behind it. If you’re taking a selfie, make sure the light is behind your camera and illuminating your face. For outdoor photos, whenever possible, take advantage of the early morning sun and the warm hues of the sunset. The softer lighting is much more forgiving of blemishes and other imperfections than the bright midday sun.

2. Network

Get out there and meet people… IN REAL LIFE. Seriously, go outside. Your online presence is crucial, yes, but the impression you make in person is even more important. You can be whomever you want online, and everybody knows that. If you really want to impress people, show them that you are just as fabulous in person.

3. Share the Spotlight

Give recognition to those you admire. If you have the opportunity to reach out to a fellow entrepreneur in person, you should jump at the chance to praise them for doing great work.

Online shoutouts are great too. There’s no harm in giving exposure to likeminded people. It shows others that competing is not your number one priority. It sends the message that you’re working hard because you’re doing what you love, and you’re humble enough to know that others are making a difference in your industry as well.

4. Change It Up

Don’t be afraid to change your mind. If anything, it keeps things fresh. Post frequently and let your audience know what’s going on in your world. Not only will you keep your social media pages from becoming stale and boring, but you’re also creating more opportunities to connect with your audience.

5. Edit Your Work

You put time and effort into your physical appearance, and you should put just much into your online presence. Typos put people off. They reduce your credibility and make you look careless. Read everything a few times before posting, and if you can, have someone else look it over as well.

Every move you make should have something to do with appealing to your audience in one way or another. Strategic moves are our specialty.  Let us help you.

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