You may have noticed that we use the hashtag #WomenSupportingWomen quite a bit. Here at Black Leopard Public Relations, we feel that having a network of supportive, ambitious women is one of the smartest things you could do as a female entrepreneur (or as a woman in general).

As women, we all face many of the same obstacles, especially when it comes to the workplace. We know what it’s like to be overlooked for a promotion because of the assumption that a man would be a stronger leader.

We can empathize with a woman who feels she can’t follow her dreams because her family would fall apart if she wasn’t there 24/7.

We need to encourage each other! Go after what you want. Your actions alone will motivate other women to take some more chances or voice their opinions more often.

Women are under so much pressure to be perfect in every single way. Sadly, a lot of this pressure comes from fear of being judged by other women

She must run an impeccable household. She has to be a great mom and she has to be in amazing physical shape. On top of having the ideal personal life, she has to balance it with a successful career. She can’t make any mistakes in the workplace if she wants to be taken seriously because she automatically has to prove to the men that she deserves to be there. Where does it end?

A great place to start is with the support of other women. Men have been supporting and promoting each other for decades. It’s our turn to change the world.

It’s time to end the days of the cattiness, the competition, and the criticism. If we do this correctly, there’s room for all of us.

Our struggles are the same, but we all have different needs. We can customize a Communications plan to help you meet your particular goals. Give us a call at (416) 893-8575 or email us at info@blackleopard-pr.com

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