5 Tip Tuesday: Social Media Tips For Your Business

Social media is an entrepreneur’s best friend. Everybody’s on it, but not everybody is doing it right. This 5 Tip Tuesday, we’ve got 5 tips on how you can use use social media more effectively.

1. Participate

Some businesses miss the mark when it comes to social media because they haven’t refined the skill. They understand that posts need to go out to their followers, but they fail to realize that in order to establish a significant online presence, they must participate in the culture of the platform they’re using. For example, when using Twitter, a business may only tweet about their promotions. If you want to develop real relationships with your followers and establish a strong online presence, rather than trying to get people interested in what you’re doing, shift your focus to what they’re interested in. Use the trending topics to find out what people are talking about and then become a part of the conversation. Tweet about those topics, and be sure to use the trending hashtag.

2. Use Ads

Many social media platforms have dedicated features of their sites specifically to businesses. We love Facebook ads because they allow you very specific access to your demographic. After creating your ad, you can make sure your desired audience will see it. Not only can you set parameters based on gender and age, but you can also control which city your ad is visible to. This is ideal for entrepreneurs and small businesses because you can make sure that the locals in your area aware of your services.


3. Don’t spam

While posting frequently is important, be careful not to post too frequently. Flooding news feeds does the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. Even if your content is interesting, people will be too annoyed to look at it. They’ll either scroll right past it, or they’ll unfollow you entirely.

4. Customer Support

Take advantage of the direct, instant contact that social media enables you to have with your customers. Use it as a tool for customer support. It’s inexpensive and it’s convenient for your customers because they’re already online anyway. A satisfied customer can easily post about how happy they are with the service you’ve given them.

5. Plan

Effective social media use takes planning. Sure, you could just post as you go along, but it’s time consuming and when you’re in a rush, your posts aren't as clever or as interesting as they could be. Black Leopard Public Relations is made up of social media experts. We’ve got the tools, the software, and the know-how. Give us a call to find out what we can do for you: (416) 893-8575.

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