5 Tip Tuesday: Must-Do Marketing for Your Business

No two businesses are exactly alike. Different businesses require the use of different tactics to appeal their customers. This week, we’ve picked out five different types of small businesses and chosen one helpful marketing tip for each of them. If you’re starting out in any of these industries, you may want to consider these tips.

1. Music

FREE STUFF!!! People don’t expect to pay for music anymore, so if you want them to listen, you have to make your music readily available, free of charge. Give your audience free live performances, get on soundcloud, do whatever it takes to be heard. Then, sell your merchandise— t-shirts, buttons, etc.. Offer an abundance of product for free so that when you finally ask your audience to pay for something, they’ll do so gladly.

2. Jewelry

Hiring a professional photographer is a must when promoting your jewelry. If you want people buy your stuff, great promotional shots can go a long way, and the right photographer can make all the difference in the world. When you’re looking for photographers, it’s very important to find someone who has experience shooting product. If you choose a photographer who specializes in portraits, you’ll end up with pictures where the models look gorgeous, but your jewelry goes unnoticed.

3. Real estate

If you’ve got a property to sell and your posting the listing online, don’t just describe the property and leave it at that. If it’s a house you’re selling, for example, talk about more than the house’s features. Provide an in-depth description of the neighbourhood so that potential buyers can imagine what living there would be like. Don’t just sell the house, sell the lifestyle that comes with it.

4. Blogging

Be different. Leverage your quirks! The market is flooded with the same stuff. We talked about power of authenticity in past weeks, and it especially applies to the world of blogging. Being yourself will play a huge role in your success because it will lead you to your ultra niche market. If you like to make paper dresses, do that. There are people out there who will love your work.


5. Clothing Line

Pinterest is the place to be. Pinners have countless boards with outfits they love for every occasion. Make it easy for them by setting up an account for your business and creating your own boards. Pin outfits form your line that you’ve put together. Other users will re-pin your stuff and your outfits will be circulating the web in front of eyes that are interested in fashion.

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