I am constantly writing content on behalf of clients and for myself but last week I completed my first book chapter. I have never attempted a chapter before and the task was certainly daunting. The topic was social media marketing for entrepreneurs about which I always have plenty to say but suddenly I found myself gazing at a blank screen with writer’s block for nearly an entire week. In the mean time I did extensive reading and writing about other marketing topics and thinking. THINK, THINK, THINK. Now that I’m at the end of the writing ordeal and the chapter has been submitted I’m glad I tried this new experience. When the book is published I will definitely let you know about it. In the mean time let me drop some gems on you in the excerpts below. #ROAR!

Entrepreneurs like you can market themselves directly to their potential customers like never before with online tools and techniques.”

Use social media marketing strategically to create a world in which your audience can get a taste of what it’s like to be your lucky customer.”

Social media marketing turns curious observers into committed customers and here is how.”

"Before you turn on, log in and start socializing, decide what your personal brand identity is going to be. Are you an industry expert, cool business ingénue or a person of the people (humble and down-to-earth)?"

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