Ironically enough (despite what the word suggests) freelancing it is a great way to ensure you will be paid for your work. I am learning the ropes of the freelance game and I have to say it is very exciting to receive a request from a complete stranger in your inbox. If you are thinking about purchasing a service or providing one through a platform like Fiverr, ODesk or People Per Hour I have been on both sides of the relationship paradigm so keep reading.

For the buyers

1. Be honest with your review.

Do everyone on the site a service by giving an honest opinion of your experience with a seller. Refrain from knit picking and general nastiness but if the seller failed to give you what you asked for repeatedly (true story) then say so in your review. You will be glad when another buyer does this for you and saves you time, disappointment and MONEY.

2. Interview if you need to.

Don’t be afraid to ask a few questions of the seller before purchasing their service.

3. Provide information.

The more detailed information you can provide the better the job you will receive. Provide as many details about the service you want as you feel comfortable providing.

For the sellers

1. Ask questions.

Ask detailed questions about the service you are being asked to provide before starting the job. No question is too silly, if it occurs to you to ask it is better to ask for too much information than to request too little. The more information you have the better you can fulfill your client’s expectations. Happy clients mean more business for you.

2. Marketing is key.

Let your buyer know where to find you on these platforms and on others. There are sneaky ways to communicate your website or social media contacts to your customers even if the platform denies overt self-promotion. This is for the benefit of your customer. Let them know the other ways you can serve them or places they can reach you to get your help.


These are great ways to diversify your income streams. The more places people can reach you, the more ways you can get PAID.

Hope these tips help you in your online service saga. Let me know what you think or if you have an experience to share.

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