Don't be an April Fool

It’s the first day of April! We’ve had the first signs of warm weather so it is really feeling like spring. One of the first things people traditionally do for this season is “spring cleaning”. Sorting through all of the junk accumulated during the winter months is difficult but it feels great when it’s finished. Spring is also an ideal time for you to sort through your marketing strategy.


How do you determine which marketing tactics are working for you and which aren’t? What marketing tools do you use to build toward your sales goals faster? When should you do your review?


Measure everything. Analytics are your friends. Now! 

If you have been avoiding it, now is the time to delve into your analytics, numbers and measurement.

Here are some questions you should answer about your business:

  1. What is Google Analytics saying about where your website traffic is coming from?
  2. How long do your site visitors stay and what are they looking at
  3. What demographic is viewing your YouTube videos?
  4. What percentage of your online engagement is turning into sales
  5. What content are people responding to on your Instagram page
  6. What is your Klout score?
  7. How many of your Tweets are getting reposted?
  8. How many of your Facebook followers are the potential customers you are trying reach?
  9. How much time do you spend networking in person?
  10. What does your offline social network do for you?

Now is the time to look back at the previous month, and this long cold winter, and assess your marketing techniques for the coming warmer months. Measure your areas of success and areas for improvement so you have the best strategy for moving forward. Don’t be an April fool.

If you need help connecting your analytics to your marketing strategy and setting realistic future benchmarks for your business contact us at or sign up for our Marketing Coaching service.

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