Books, belief and beyond

Today is the last of a 5 day free download period for Kathie Holmes' new book Believe. I have the privilege of being quoted in this book, which asks inspirational women about their personal belief system and what thoughts propel them to work at improving themselves and their businesses. 

To be truly honest I did not "believe" much in the success of my business when writing my quotes for this book. In fact, I still have a thousand doubts about our sustainability. It is officially half a year since I completed my first client project and the journey has been very challenging.

Hopefully, the next half year will be a steady climb toward certain success - Ha! Doubt it. What I do know for sure is that I will keep at it. Sometimes I think the best you can do as an entrepreneur is to just renew your commitment to your mission, vision and values and leave the worry and speculation there. No matter what happens I am dedicated to seeing this business through the next 182.621099 days. During this time I will continue to create the advice, encouragement and assistance entrepreneurs need to promote their businesses. 

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