Storytelling: can art and business coexist?

Narrative is a powerful tool to gain the hearts and minds of an audience.

Pro marketing tip:

Have you ever felt warm and fuzzy toward someone you disliked after reading their biography? Have you ever become more interested in a brand after reading their newsletter? Tell potential customers your story and seduce them into being interested in what you are selling through MailChimp.




Good storytelling is an excellent method of securing the interest and attention of your customers. I cannot stress enough how important persuasive writing is to developing your brand and making a distinct impression on your audience. Writing is so important to strengthening a brand identity that one might assume authors are in the best position to create the best marketing for their business. Sadly, that isn't true. Few authors have the reach, sales and brand identity of a Robert Munsch, Dan Brown or J.K. Rowling. Why is this? I have noticed ARTISTS have trouble thinking of themselves as BUSINESS PEOPLE TOO. Writing is an art, but selling books is a business. 

What I do as a marketer is try to marry the worlds of art and business. Helping entrepreneurs generate more customer awareness and sales requires me to connect them with professionals in both specialties. I also do a fair bit of coaching. If you are a singer, writer, athlete or fine artist you will definitely get some business coaching from me. The business supports the art and the art makes the business relevant and interesting. 

So if you are an artist or if you are a business person keep in mind you need skills from both areas to make the greatest impact on your audience and your bottom line. You can always call on me and my team for assistance in combining the best of both worlds. 

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