Words of wisdom for websites

Hello entrepreneur!

For businesses headed by one smart and savvy person like you a website is the first step to achieving a serious online presence. Larger companies have the advantage of teams of web developers, graphic designers and writers to display fantastic content that convinces site visitors to purchase the product. Smaller companies, like yours, may only have the owner and one or two of the owner's trusted friends to make the site work.

Of all the websites I review on a regular basis there are a few common issues that need to be addressed. Do any of these observations apply to you? If so, let us know in the comments below.

Show and tell.

The About Us page is your golden opportunity to make a connection with your customer and introduce yourself -- personally. Show your customer what your business is about with photos that convey who you are as a brand. The photos or images on the About Us page should show people you are approachable or polished, quirky or corporate. The text on this page should reinforce what your images show. The text should tell your website visitor what your business is about. Use the first person "I" or "we" instead of the third person "they" or "it" when speaking about yourself or your business. Think of this section as a meet and greet. Talk directly to your customer.


Including testimonials is key to building trust with your customer. A written testimonial from a customer is a positive review for you. Don't let your potential customers look elsewhere online to find out what people are saying about your business, instead let them find all of the information they want on your site. Be strategic about those you post. Posting customer testimonials on your website is an excellent way of reassuring your site visitor that they should buy your product because other people say so.

FAQ or More Information

How do you give your prospective customers more information while persuading them to buy your product? A good FAQ section anticipates the questions your customers may have and answers them. A great FAQ section describes the positive experience a customer will have from doing business with you. A potential customer should be enticed to purchase your product because you a) answer their question, b) demonstrate how dealing with your company will make their lives better and c) tell them how your product will make them feel good. 

The common element of all three of these sections is professional writing and editing. Ensure that the text included on your site is as persuasive as your high resolution product pictures and competitive pricing. Don't let copywriting be the element that costs you a sale. Contact experts like us who will write the best text for your website. Let us lead your site visitors to read and click Buy Now.

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