Public Relations vs. Event Planning

Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. Event planning is just one tactic in the PR professional's arsenal (one that requires lots of work) that falls under the umbrella of PR.

There are certain similarities but many differences with Public Relations and Event planning. The number one thing to remember is Public Relations is not Events Management and vice versa.

PR is reputation management. As a PR pro they look after clients’ reputation and focus on establishing communication channels between them and their publics. Events Management on the other hand is in its nature a project management that aims to create great events. They employ all their creativity and imagination to put on amazing events that everybody will want to go to and that everybody will remember forever. Yes, there is a need for marketing and PR in event management, but it is not the essential aspect of the job.


Project management – both professions require accurate project management skills. They have to plan ahead in a great detail,  create objectives, schedules and deadlines and also think of ongoing measurement and post evaluation.

Creativity – For events and PR campaigns to be successful, professionals have to think ‘out-of-the-box’.


Stakeholder management – there are different stakeholders for a PR professional and Event Manager yet they all have to be looked after and kept satisfied.

Client relations – the client is the person who pays their wages so you have to keep them in the loop as often as possible.


PR campaigns are about ongoing engagement with the target audience over a period of time. There is a need for tactical thinking and planning so all the aspects of the campaign are in synergy. Events Managers do all the hard work ahead of an event and when the show is over it is over. Their hard work is ‘hidden’ and will get questioned only if something goes wrong.

While PR and events management sometimes blend together, they are certainly separate professional entities.  The PR practitioner has to know how to plan an event or a PR stunt and an Events Manager has to know how to “PR” the event so it gets coverage in the media.


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