No Approval Needed

When you start a businesses there are three things you need to get things going:

  1. a product or service
  2. a paying customer
  3. start up capital

Notice that 'approval' is missing from this list. You might argue that you need your customers to approve of your service and you need the approval of a bank or family member for a loan or some start up capital. These are 'nice to haves' but they aren't necessary. 


Yes, it would be nice to have a paying customer, but you can start by giving your services away for free. Show people what you can do without charging them for it. Give free advice if you are in a service business or lend samples of your product if you are in a retail business. Give people a taste of what you do and get them hooked. Eventually, your customers will be willing to pay for what you produce because they have experienced how valuable your offering is to them.

Podcasters, makeup artists, life coaches and consultants can easily give away small samples of their services for free without great capital loss. Marketing through sample podcasts, YouTube videos and  online video calling sessions will win this group paying customers any time.  

Sometimes all you need is an idea, time and strategy to invest in your business dream. You don't need anyone's approval to execute that strategy on a daily basis, just the determination to win. 

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