Yes, You're a Salesperson

Cash is the oxygen of your business. Money is the thing that allows you to 'chase your dreams', keeps the lights on in your hoffice (home office), gives you constant mobile access to your customers when you're on the go and attracts amazing talent to working with you. Money is the key factor that defines a business. If it's not making money, it's not a business it's a hobby so chasing the money is necessary for keeping your business alive, yet salespeople traditionally get the 'side eye'. People associate salespeople with pushy, smarmy, guileless individuals who would do anything to make a sale so many business people shy away from being labeled as 'salespeople', we prefer 'entrepreneur', 'solopreneur' or 'businessperson' instead. Whatever you call yourself (a rose by any other name) when you're an entrepreneur your most important position is head of sales. The first step is acceptance: yes, you  are a salesperson. Now, you must cultivate the heart, mind and behaviour of a salesperson. How do you do that? Come back to the blog tomorrow for 5 Tip Tuesday: Signs of a Salesperson.

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