5 Tip Tuesday: 5 places to get inspired online

Money is a motivator but only to a point. To say motivated to be creative, sell and persist against all of the obstacles I encounter in my business I need to be inspired.

Looking at beautiful images and thinking about interesting ideas are the primary ways I find inspiration online. There is a lot of content out there! So to get clear about what I want to do next in my marketing strategies and business ideas I like to save my favourite content in one place so I can look at it all at once. Putting the images and ideas together in my own way I can create something that is inspired by my unique way of looking at the world. Here are five amazing design blogs and mood boards you can use to tap into your inspiration. 

1. Pinterest

Do you use any of these websites? What do you like about the ones you use? Share a link to your mood board in the comments below.

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