Sell with your heart not your head

When you're browsing for your fantasy diamond engagement ring on Pinterest (I know I'm not the only one) do you look for information about features (the 3 Cs) or do you pin a lot of images of happy couples kissing with a huge rock on the woman's finger? In other words, do you have more pins like this; 

or more pins like this;

If you're like me you have an entire board of pins almost exclusively of images like the second photo and that's ok. The second image includes a romantic kiss and is filtered in black and white which signals a beautiful and special engagement moment . *Le sigh*

Studies show that people buy with their hearts and not their heads.

Most of the business of life happens through our emotions.”

”What we need to do is to rouse hearts, not heads. And inspire the part of us that seeks connection, not separation—through that elusive emotional relevance that marketers say is so critical but also make so difficult to create.
— Douglas Van Praet

So entrepreneurs like me and you must tailor our sales pitch to selling our products and services with emotion. We must show the results of what we can offer and not the process of how we offer it. Yes, there are some people who like to kick tires and examine the features of the car they are considering but when a consumer finally decides to purchase it is because they can imagine commuting to work in this car quickly and comfortably or because they can feel how good it is to be smiled at by onlookers while they're in it. This is why auto dealers offer test drives. Feelings, emotions, heart moments...that's what sells. 

To learn more about how to rip your customer's heart out and force them to buy your product come back for tomorrow's post 5 Tip Tuesday: 5 Ways To Sell Results.

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