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Last week I attended the CNW seminar on the evolution of communications. I was expecting a dry morning about press releases, reach and marketing jargon that traditional public relations companies still think is relevant. I was pleasantly surprised that the speakers were right in step with how people really consume media today. In my experience, large public relations firms are always one or two steps behind what actual entrepreneurs and consumers are doing because they serve large companies that take a long time, large bureaucracy and lots of money to change the way they do things. These large companies won't give their public relations partners the permission to quickly change strategy according to what is actually happening in the marketplace, instead large public relations firms spend a lot of time convincing their larger clients to allow them to stay current and use tactics that actually work!

So again, I was pleasantly surprised that the topics, advice and techniques discussed at this seminar were true to how people consume media and engage with their favourite companies.  One very interesting fact that Julia Oosterman (@JuliaOosterman) and Samantha Kemp-Jackson (@samkj27) pointed out was that four of the top online companies do not hold inventory of any kind. These companies are the medium through with people find what they want. They are all platforms.

Even if you do sell a product and keep an inventory you can still learn something from this infographic. Provide your customers with a platform through which they can do business, be entertained or get information that improves the lives. They will remember you and your product every time they need to do business, be entertained or get information if your platform is good. Run a mastermind in your neighbourhood, host a Facebook group for people in your industry or provide a networking event for your customers. Get creative! There are a hundred different ways to provide value through a platform for your customers and grow your business revenue at the same time.

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