What Is Marketing?

In a recent episode of Shark Tank, entrepreneur Joe Wilcox appeared before the panel to ask for funding in exchange for a stake in his company --- Sway Motorsports. Joe engineered a 3-wheeled motor vehicle that is powered by electricity and has an unprecedented range of motion for scooters and motorcycles. The 'sharks' loved his design but hesitated to invest. Kevin O'leary, who is known for giving his unvarnished opinion to entrepreneurs, explained that the engineering was impressive, but that innovative design is not enough to make a successful business. 

Marketing, distribution, manufacturing and design are the factors needed together to make a successful business. If one of these categories is not present or done well the product will not sell sufficiently to make the business successful. 

Product Design




Marketing is about making people want what you are selling. This is a combination of art and behavioural science. Marketing is conducted over the following platforms:

Do you have a hobby or a business? Do you want to turn a profit? Do you want your business to be successful? Make sure each point of your success chain is operating at its best. Marketing is important and it is what I do. If you want to improve your marketing operations and strategy call me at 416-893-8575 or send me an email below to set up an appointment. 

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