How to Stand Out in a Sea of Other Entrepreneurs

Did you use a dish to eat your breakfast this morning? Put on a pair of shoes before going to work today? Log on to the company website? Print a report on paper at the office? Get a drink of coffee from a coffee shop?

If you did any one of these things you used a product or service from a provider that has thousands or even millions of competitors in the same industry. But how did one company win your business where the others failed? Why did you give your coffee money to Tim Horton's today and not Starbucks, Second Cup or Timothy's?  Entrepreneurs like us have a hard time standing out from the sea of competitors selling the same products and services. Never fear, marketing is here to rescue us! Standing out is a function of showing and telling your audience what makes you unique. When you're an entrepreneur you are the source of your brand personality. So, here are a few ways to distinguish yourself from your competitors. 


Get Together

Reach out of your comfort zone and start a community! Simply create a Facebook group, host a networking event for entrepreneurs, or even try hosting a "mastermind group." Mastermind groups are a great way to collaborate with other like-minded, committed individuals who want to set similar goals and challenge themselves in the professional community. Encourage potential clients to attend your events by showing how your business is unique compared to others, and how suitable it will be for your client's needs. For all things entrepreneur, click here! 

Stand Out

Show your creativity by designing an invite to your mastermind group that will stand out against your competitors. Invite ideas? Try Canva, an online graphic design platform offering alluring designs that will help increase your attending rates.


Potential clients have the choice to select hundreds of other companies over your business, so reassure your clients that your business is the right choice for them. To do so, show them that by choosing your company, you will personally oversee all projects with both efficient and intimate communication. Bypass email, today's quick fix to communication, and personally give your client a call. Or even better, set up a time to meet in person. Let your potential client know that your time will be completely devoted to them and that essentially, your coffee will taste better than Starbucks at the end of the day. 

Entrepreneurs, what do you do to standout in the sea of your competitors? Let us know how you create communities and how you assure your potential clients that your business is the right choice for them!

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