5 Tip Tuesday: 5 hacks to market your home like a pro

Million Dollar Listing New York cast members: Fredrik Eklund, Luis D. Ortiz and Ryan Serhant

Million Dollar Listing New York cast members: Fredrik Eklund, Luis D. Ortiz and Ryan Serhant

I have been binge watching Million Dollar Listing New York lately. The three realtors featured on the show sell the most exclusive real estate to the most discerning buyers. Although their clients are among the wealthiest in New York city these realtors use the same tried and tested marketing techniques that anyone, including you, can use to sell a home. 

Presentation is everything

Consider the buyer you want to attract and present or "stage" your home accordingly. Get very specific about who the buyer is and how they might live. Once you've determined your buyer's persona investigate what would endear that buyer to your home. Are you selling to a young family? Decorate the third bedroom like a nursery. Is your ideal buyer a bachelor? Remove all of your family photos from the bedroom. The key is to make your home look and feel inviting to the specific buyer you want to impress. Presentation is everything. 


They say your network is your net worth. Cliches usually contain some kernel of truth and it is certainly true that the people in your social circle have an influence on your home sales, especially when your circle includes a realtor. Research and interview realtors you already know along with a few other agents with expertise in selling your type of property. Meet them in person and ask questions. Do not send an email and leave the relationship there, be proactive. In addition to your agent, spend time in groups with people who may be potential buyers. Gain as many contacts that would be useful for selling your home as possible. 


Once you have interviewed and secured an agent, ensure that your agent is listing your property everywhere your buyer would look including the multiple listing service, your agent's website, Facebook, newsletters, publications exclusive to agents and in articles your buyer might read (ie. Toronto Life house of the week). In addition to listing the property strategically, your agent should also be showing your property strategically. Is your agent holding open house events for buyers and agents respectively? The more people that interact with your property when it first enters the market, the better. Your agent should create a powerful presence for your home both online and offline.

Do one thing, really, really well

What is your home's greatest feature? Is your property in a coveted neighbourhood? Is the view of your living room 'to die for'? Do you have unique flooring? Is the layout amazing? Focus on a favourite feature of your home and emphasize it through your staging and listings. Don't be a afraid to discuss your home's incredible features with your realtor. Ask to see the listing your realtor has written. Ask your agent how you can help stage your favourite feature best. You have lived there and no one knows your property more intimately than you so your input is valuable. 

Stay in touch with your team

Everyone involved in selling your home should be on the same page. If you are getting renovations or improvements done before putting your property on the market talk to the realtor you intend to use and get their advice. Ensure that your contractor and realtor are in agreement about what should be done for your home and why. Does your banker know you intend to sell your home? Get advice from everyone who will be involved in the sale. Your deadlines, expense, selling process and each team member's role should all be clear to you. If you have any questions or need clarification don't hesitate to pick up the phone and ask. You are the coach and each member of the team is playing for you. 

Remember, you are the best advocate for your best interests. You are the best marketer for your home. Follow these marketing principles to take your destiny into  your own hands and make the sale you deserve.

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