Learning As You Go

As a psychology undergraduate about to complete my fourth and final year of university, being a social media intern for Black Leopard Public Relations was both challenging and very rewarding. Out of my four years at university, I have never completed a single business course. My studies have consisted of both arts and science-based courses and although I could tell you plenty in regards to ethical research methods and popular psychological therapies, I could not inform you about any marketing technique or theory. However, despite my lack of knowledge in the public relations and marketing field, through my internship I have gained one very important lesson, that you learn as you go. One does not need to know all tricks-of-the-trade to begin a new job, nor do they need to know every marketing tool worldwide to run a successful business. Starting a new job, joining a new firm, or creating your own business requires you to learn from other experienced professionals and grow with your job, in other words learn on the go

In order to learn, you must be willing to learn. From personal experience as a rookie in the corporate world, I admitted immediately to my current boss that I had a lack of knowledge in the public relations area specifically, however I knew that some of my past experiences would be a strength and help me succeed. I was willing to listen and learn from a more experienced professional, who in this case was Nicole Nurse, the founder of Black Leopard Public Relations. Working in an entry level position may not be ideal for those who want to reach the top of an organization, however gaining experience is the only way you will be able to reach those future goals. 

In order to learn while working, I had to prepare myself in a number of ways. First, I went to the local bookstore and purchased a new agenda, so I would ensure that I kept myself organized without missing any school or work deadlines. Secondly, I made sure to take notes. Although I could sit and listen to Nicole's wonderful advice, I found it helpful to document what I was learning not only to retain the information, but to make certain that I completed each new task properly and additionally had a guide to refer back to on future occasions. 

When you are learning on the go, you must also be prepared to make mistakes. Although making mistakes may be frustrating and defeating, as well as costly to businesses, we certainly learn from our mistakes. Take John Wooden, a famous basketball player and coach's encouraging advice stating that,

"if you're not making mistakes, then you're not doing anything. I'm positive that a doer makes mistakes." 

While learning on the go may have its challenges, it is definitely something for entrepreneurs to keep in mind. While you want to be confident enough to start your own business, you do not have to be fully knowledgeable on every task and obstacle that may come your way. Take what you have learned from school or the program that taught you the basics, be willing to learn from other experienced professionals, and take creative risks to further yourself! Learn as you go. 

Are you a start up business owner interested in learning as you go from a more experienced professional? Make sure to check out Black Leopard Public Relations 5 Tip Tuesday Blog or contact Black Leopard Public Relations for more questions! 

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