5 Tip Tuesday: 5 Ways to Reduce Entrepreneurial Stress

Burnout is highly prevalent in the workplace, where individuals often experience psychological and physical stress from working long hours. This can be true for entrepreneurs, who devote their life to building a strong and successful business. Taking care of yourself to ensure you have strong mental and physical health is very important, and it will also effect your job performance. Here are a list of tips for those entrepreneurs struggling with day-to-day stressors in the workplace:

1. Escape

Whether you have ten free minutes or an hour during your busy day, it is imperative that you make time for yourself. Physically pencil into your schedule a portion of time to do something you enjoy and to help take your mind of off the stress you may be experiencing. If you don't have enough time to plan a weekend getaway, simply get out of town for a short day trip, such as the Toronto Adventures dog sledding tour! 

2. Socialize

Don't let your work take over your life. Allow for some fun after work to help take your mind off of your long to-do list. Having positive social relationships with your friends and your coworkers is essential for job satisfaction, and it is also a great way to escape from your day-to-day stressors. Having support from individuals experiencing the same stressors, or someone to simply discuss your stressors with will help you relax. Ideas? Meet up for coffee with your fellow entrepreneurs or host a BBQ with your friends! Try Dineen Coffee Company, a great spot to relax with friends.

3. Exercise 

Whether you take an hour each day to go to the gym, go for a relaxing yoga session after work, or simply walk your dog at the end of the day, exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Regular physical activity can simply elevate your mood and improve cognitive functioning, amongst many other benefits. These two items alone are essential for entrepreneurs and will contribute to a stress-free work environment. Additionally, ensure that you are using proper posture and taking breaks for every hour you look into a computer screen! 

4. Let Your Mind Wander

Separating your work life from your personal life is crucial. Create a journal that is simply for everything but work. New restaurants you’d like to try? Make a list! Travel dreams and getaway plans? Start planning! Creating a journal for anything but work is a great way to let your mind drift away from work itself, and let your creative side go free. 

5. Nourish

Hunger can create stress in your body, so start your day off right with a nutrient dense and balanced breakfast to fuel your energy for the day. During the day make time to eat regularly and also try to sit down and enjoy what you eat. Eating on the go may be convenient, however you may make poorer choices and eat much quicker. If this sounds like you, try to prepare your meals ahead of time at the beginning of the week, so you save time during your busy day without having to prepare a meal. If you don't have time to make your lunch ahead of time, try Kupfert & Kim, a popular vegan spot conveniently in the heart of Toronto's Financial District. 

How do you reduce your stress as an entrepreneur? Comment here or tweet to us, we'd love to hear from you! 

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