Your Guide to Personal Branding

As a business owner, you have likely established your brand or you are in the process of doing so. However, have you established your personal brand? A personal brand is a way of marketing yourself using your work, your background, your opinions and your personality. Convey your authentic self through your brand, and give your clients a true testament of your personality both on and offline. 

While it may be easy to maintain a professional online presence, it is important to stay visible offline too.  If you have a vibrant personality online and it is translated through your social media posts, ensure that you also do so when talking to your clients in person. If you have a chance to speak in front of an audience, take it! Speaking engagements are a great way to connect with others and it gives them a firsthand view of how your business will be lead by your unique personality!

Stay relevant and updated with current trends that align with your brands goals. The marketing industry, or any industry for that matter is constantly changing. For instance, the presence of individuals on social media has grown to nearly 2 billion individuals this year, a much larger number than five years ago. So, if you are only marketing yourself on one social media platform such as Facebook, you may want to look into which other apps and services that will be successful in conveying your brand. In conclusion, staying up to date on research is key!

Convey your true personality to your audience, quirks and all! If you are a vibrant and sarcastic individual, take your potential client out to lunch and show them your authentic self (while maintaining a sense of professionalism of course!) If you are having trouble getting your personal brand started, watch #AskGaryVee for some motivation! Gary Vaynerchuck created a very prominent personal brand from nothing, and his podcast is here to assist you in your efforts too!

This Wednesday, March 23rd, ELEVATE will be hosting a networking mixer where a panel of talented entrepreneurs will be speaking on the Art of Branding. If you have any questions on how to create an established personal brand, comment below and we will be sure to address your questions during the discussion!  It's not too late to attend, just use discount code BLACKLEOPARD to save 30% on your ticket to The Art of Branding: Panel Discussion. 

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