3 Mistakes Businesses Make and How To Avoid Them

This post is contributed by the talented writer and content strategist LaLaa Comrie. I came across this post while scrolling through Instagram and begged her for permission to repost it here for the benefit of everyone who reads this blog. LaLaa's insights are correct and concise. So take just a couple of minutes to ensure that you're not making any of these mistakes in your business.

Three Mistakes Businesses Make and How to Avoid Them

Building and growing a business is tough. There’s so much to consider, so much you have to know and often you end up missing something, or a few things. Let’s face it, it happens!

Just because you have an amazing idea, a business plan and you’re all fired up and ready to go doesn’t mean you’ll be successful. It doesn’t mean that the stars will all align in your favour and “poof” you’ll have the next million-dollar enterprise. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that!

 When you’re building your business persistence is your friend because odds are you’re going to fail at something or overlook a key area. Mistakes will happen. With so much to do, so many deadlines you’re bound to miss something.

 After years of working with businesses; here are some of the biggest mistakes, I’ve noticed, them make and how you can avoid them:

1. Not focusing on the client

Every business, entrepreneur and non-profit I’ve ever worked with have one thing in common: people. Some businesses get so wrapped up in the product, the service the initiative that they forget the most important thing, the people, the client, the customer, and let’s face the facts the client is your business, without them you DON’T exist. Always remember that your customer must always be your #1 priority because they are by far the most important part of your business. Don’t get so focused on the product that you forget your people be sure that you are catering and nurturing your clients. Ask yourself: Do you know what they want and need?  And really think about it. Once you have your answer be sure that your product or service is filling that need. Remember we’re all in the people business.

2. Biting off more than you can chew

I’m sure if you asked Oprah 30 years ago what she wanted to create her answer would not have been the empire she has created. Even if her vision was to create all she’s created her vision began much smaller.

Every big business begins with a small dream, a small vision and grows as the business begins to perfect and gain strength. Businesses often fail because they envision being a mogul, making a huge difference to a generation; but that’s just not how it works.

 If you think too big you might never get your business off the ground because you’ll be so focused on the huge vision and you’ll fall short.  Big visions are great but you must work hard and achieve small goals before reaching the large ones.

3. Not realizing that it takes money to make money

So often entrepreneurs think that just because they have a great idea, a great vision and the customer base they’ll be successful. If it was that easy we’d all be entrepreneurs. You must invest in yourself,  invest in your business. You have to be willing to spend money on marketing, a great website perfecting your brand, going to trade shows and all it takes to actually build a demand for your product or service.

 It takes money to make money and if you’re not willing to invest you won’t be able to grow. Building a business takes time, effort and hard work and although you might make mistakes the key is to ensure that you learn and grow from them.

 Businesses make many mistakes but merely knowing and being aware of the common ones will help you avoid them.

Lalaa Comrie is a Content Strategist in Toronto who partners with entrepreneurs and small/mid-size businesses to improve the customer experience through content. Lalaa shows businesses how to simplify content while amplifying style and substance. The goal is always to strengthen a brand’s message across all channels, both online and off.  To learn more about how to avoid common mistakes or how to better connect with your potential clients using actionable content sign up for my weekly newsletter or email lalaacomrie@gmail.com.

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