5 Tip Tuesday: 5 Inspiring Businesswomen To Look Out for This Year

The number of women owning and running their own businesses has rapidly grown over the past decade. Did you know that women own more than 10 million business in the United States, occupying 36% of all businesses? In honour and celebration of International Women's day, here are five successful and empowering businesswomen you should look out for in 2016!

1. Babba Canales

Canales, just 25, is the marketing manager for Uber in New York City. Uber is a popular, multinational online taxi dispatch company. Before working for Uber, Canales started Uber in Stockholm, Sweden. Babba is definitely one to check out if you're also interested in fashion and all things lifestyle!

2. Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington, as you may have already guessed is the co-founder, president and editor-in-chief at the Huffington Post. Since its launch in 2005, Huffington Post quickly became one of the most searched sites for news. Arianna Huffington has been added to Forbes Most Powerful Women list in addition to Time Magazines 100 Most Influential People. If you haven't checked out Huffington Post yet, click here

3. Sara Blakely

When Blakely was 29 years old, she invested $5,000 of her savings toward creating flattering apparel to fit under white slacks. Since then she has spent her career creating slimming apparel and shapewear for both men and women, founding Spanx, a well-recognized company around the globe. Interestingly, Blakely has also used her fortune to help women. In 2013 Blakely was the first female to sign the Giving Pledge which encouraged wealthy individuals to donate half of their earnings to charity. 

4. Kimberly Foster

Kimberly Foster is the founder of For Harriet, an online community for women of African ancestry. For Harriet looks to empower and encourage women of colour to share their stories and experiences of womanhood. Foster herself is a leading voice and storyteller of coloured women. Foster is truly an inspiring female, and For Harriet is definitely a website you should check out!

5. Arlene Dickinson

Well-known as a 'dragon' on the popular Canadian reality television show Dragons Den, Arlene Dickinson is also the CEO of Venture Communications. Dickinson is a very successful marketing and communications entrepreneur in Canada. Additionally, Arlene Dickinson is a supporter of all entrepreneurs namely through her second company YouInc.com. Are you a new business owner? Check out YouInc.com for support, advice and all things entrepreneur!

Do you know of any businesswomen that deserve to be recognized? Comment below or tweet at us!

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