Fashion blogs excite me a lot. I love the fact that I can scroll through my phone and iPad at any time to find updates on some of my favorite fashion brands and learn the best new ways to dress for the coming season. This saves me from the stress of going to the store to purchase beauty magazines or going directly to the stores to look for what is new and best for me to wear.  

I decided to do this article because I want to show new fashion bloggers like you what followers expect from you and the basic steps you need to take in order to become a successful fashion blogger. You probably already know that the fashion industry is very competitive and attracts a lot of attention. The best way to learn how to become a fashion blogger,  is to research; try collaborating with top bloggers or constantly review their blogs in order to find out exactly what they do and how they do it.

One of the basic things I noticed that is common among top fashion bloggers in Canada is that most of them are millennials who possess very good knowledge of social media platforms especially Instagram. In starting a fashion blog you need to figure out what exactly in fashion you want to blog about; for instance,  you might decide to blog on a daily basis about how best your audience can dress for different occasions, how to combine different outfits, the latest arrivals in stores round Toronto, Toronto Fashion Week etc. The niche you choose must be interesting to your audience. There’s no point spending weeks or months to establish a blog if there is no one searching for information about it. Tools like Market Samurai and Majestic SEO are the best tools for you to measure the level of interest your topic is already receiving online. 

As a fashion blogger one of the things you should keep in mind is who your target audience is. Who is your blogs directed to? A blog about professional attire with photos of an office setting will attract more corporate readers who buy corporate clothing regularly.

“The people who find the most success are the people who understand that there’s an element to this that is analytics-based [...] You need to pay attention to the outcomes of your business." - Sue Penchansky

How does your audience want to be engaged? The people who find the most success blogging are the people who understand their analytics. Track the numbers and analyse what that means for your blog. What does your audience want to read or see? Do they want to see you launch a collection or showcase your dressing skills in a video? Google Analytics will track and reveal what people like to see on your site so you can produce more content that you know they want.  

Choose a domain name that will make people notice your blog. You can even try your new domain name for free if you use Blogger, Tumblr or Instagram is the best social media platform for fashion bloggers.

“I still get high traffic to my site, but my comments are down, because people are looking at and discussing my pictures on Instagram. The interaction is much more done on Instagram and Facebook these days.” - Gabi Fresh

The content of your post is a major key to your success as a fashion blogger or an aspirant. Penchansky advises that good content keeps every fashion blogger on top of their game; in your first 6-12 months you should invest in creating good content that will attract traffic to your blog. Gabi Fresh points out that in order to move your blog to the next level, you need consistency i.e. publishing regularly and making sure you have good quality and clear photos. Your content should speak for itself at all times.

Lastly, one of the key things I admire most in fashion blogs is the uniqueness of bloggers. Your personality needs to reflect your ideas. People get attached to the blogger's personality. Don’t try to do things based on what others do, be genuine and unique in order to enable your audience to differentiate you from the crowed market of other bloggers.

I hope adhering and adopting some of these measures will help you improve your blog. Black Leopard Public Relations is currently carrying out a Lunch and Learn about Instagram, this is a good opportunity for fashion bloggers to learn how to effectively use Instagram. The workshop will be held May 17, 2016 from 11am - 1pm at the Microsoft Store, Square One in Mississauga. Please visit to learn more.

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