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Last Friday I had the pleasure of visiting Dermalogica Canada to deliver an amazing presentation on self-promotion to their staff. My topic was Promote Yo'self: How to Engage in Productive Self-Promotion Without Bragging. Since the audience was one of faithful employees instead of the usual entrepreneurs I made sure to give special insight into how to think like an entrepreneur and act like an employee. About 12 employees attended and we had a yummy lunch from a local Indian restaurant to celebrate the afternoon. Three interesting things happened as a result of that presentation that may shock you.

There are more reasons to use LinkedIn than you think

I reminded the staff that when other people praise you it's not bragging, rather it's a recommendation that others consider credible. Asking your colleagues and employer to submit a recommendation on your LinkedIn profile elevates your accomplishments and lets the world know what others appreciate you for. It's brilliant self-promotion and it's not bragging when your accolades come from your colleagues and not you. In addition to this tip, you can now use a new function in LinkedIn to promote yourself as a side hustler, freelancer or entrepreneur. 

Recently, LinkedIn announced the launch of its new ProFinder service. Whether you are an employee looking for a new gig or a freelancer seeking steady work you can use the ProFinder service to match you with customers or employers who are looking for your specific product or service. Move over Fiverr, Upwork, and People Per Hour!


Women still have the hardest time celebrating their accomplishments

In the presentation I shared some observations by Pat Heim and Tammy Hughes from their book Hardball for Women (highly recommended you read this one). The authors noted that the way little boys and girls are taught to play influences how they approach competition and business as adults. As women we have to fight against our tendency to see competition and winning as a bad thing. To underscore the point a fabulous follower (@stolengypsytravellers) of our Instagram made a comment "If you have to say it it ain't happening" to which I have to respectfully disagree. There is nothing wrong with being your own cheerleader and there is no coincidence this comment is from a woman. 

Illustration is alive and well as a branding tool 

There are incredible artists in the Greater Toronto Area who can create an image for your brand that captures its spirit and essence in an illustration. An older art form done in a new way, illustration is heavily used for fashion bloggers and musicians. The illustration on the right is a design Andre Jones did of the Black Leopard. Contact me for the T-shirt.

I had the pleasure of meeting Sam Singh, a lovely woman and a talented illustrator from Toronto. If you are considering a refresh on your website, developing a logo, producing a cover for your book this is the girl to consult. Take a look at her work below. You are certain to stand out from the other competitors in your market with a unique illustration. Click here to check out Sam Singh's work.

I spend every day promoting entrepreneurs and ensuring that their customers know how valuable their products and services are. We provide services for entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level, however we do not replace the enthusiasm and drive an entrepreneur should have to  market and promote herself. You are your best cheerleader. There is a way to promote yourself and let the world know how accomplished and valuable you are without bragging. Do you agree with this statement, or do you believe that you should work in silence and let success be your noise?

What, if any, are your best tips for telling your customers or colleagues how wonderful you are without bragging? Let me know in the comments below. 

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