5 Tip Tuesday: 5 Ways To Build Your Business In A Box

Last week I showed you how I avoid getting overwhelmed by all of the ideas I have for my business. Using the Hustle More box method is my way of staying focused and it's a process, here's how. 

Once you have acquired your own Hustle More box there are a few ideas that you must have inside. Here are five ideas that will slowly build your business. 

 1. Subscription Service

Have you ever not signed up for a service because the application was too long? Did you ever decline to work with someone because they asked too many questions and the initiation process had too many steps? I have and I am pretty certain your customers have too. I like the easiest and simplest way to do business and if I like your product or service I want to have it NOW. Creating a subscription service for your business ensures that your clients only have to sign up once to receive your amazing product or service on a regular basis. There are a host of companies which provide recurring payments so you can seamlessly integrate subscription payments into your business. At Black Leopard Public Relations we have several subscription services that our clients LOVE including a weekly consultation service (for you to receive specific and professional marketing guidance for your business) and monthly social media management (for your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest account). You only need to sign up once to guarantee you get your favourite service smoothly and easily, on time, every time.

2. Rewards Program

Why not reward the people who make your business better? Do you have someone who gives you excellent referral business? Give them a reward. People go where they are appreciated, so show your best return customers, or your most frequent referrers, how much you care by giving them money, a gift or some form of reward in the form of

  • Gift cards to a store they like
  • Points toward a FREE product or service you provide
  • Cash 

3. Events

There is nothing that replaces real human interaction. Look your potential customers in the eye when you meet them, press the flesh with a firm handshake and whatever you do MAKE AN IMPRESSION! The best and easiest way to ensure you interact with your ideal clients in person is to have an event. That way your clients can see, feel, smell and begin to trust you. We have started to offer several events through Black Leopard Public Relations including workshops, webinars, networking events, dating and a book club coming soon. 

4. Partnerships and collaborations

"Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." Ecclesiastes 4:12

It takes a moment to get noticed by the customers you want to reach and it takes years to make the sales targets you want to hit ...if you're doing it alone. Partner up with other brands that are complimentary to the products you are selling to make sure your business grows far and wide. Large brands like Cannon and Starbucks might only partner with you if you have already demonstrated large sales but another local entrepreneur with a few loyal customers might be happy to collaborate. Find out who is compatible with what you offer and do an exchange or affiliate deal. One fierce entrepreneur is good, but two working together is even better. 

5. Articles, Interviews and Appearances

When the media covers you, the world takes notice. Write a guest blog post for your customers' favourite blogger or ask to appear on the show of a Podcaster they love. Pitch your greatest accomplishment to a local newspaper for an interview or submit your story for a television segment. There are a plethora of ways to get press for your business and accumulated press over time, gets results!

I cannot lie and say any of these exercises boost your sales overnight. All of these techniques work together to establish a relationship with your customers and make them feel valued over time. If you want to fast-track your results, of course you can contact us. But if you are a DIY marketer like me, put each of these ideas in your Hustle More box and get working on one each week. Let me know how it goes! 

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