Realtors are like entrepreneurs ...with better clothes

Have you ever noticed that realtors are dressed well even if they have nothing to sell? That's because they're always ready to hustle! This mentality, among many others, makes realtors the closest thing to an entrepreneur with a desk job there is (but with better clothes than the startup uniform).

If you're a realtor you understand the importance of marketing to your target customer. But what if I told you you're doing it wrong? Yes, 90% of realtor marketing misses some key sales techniques and I know you know better! 

One of the places I see the greatest mistakes is on Instagram. Realtors have the advantage of having a great lifestyle product to sell but many agents are having real trouble communicating that fact through Instagram and it's a shame. 

Did you know over 400 million people use Instagram every month and 61% of those people are between 18 and 65 years old? If you sell real estate this is your target market. So why are you missing these three key elements on your Instagram account?

1. Location, location, location!

Show your followers photos of the neighbourhood you're selling in, not just the house. Potential buyers want to imagine their life there. Schools, malls, gyms and parks are all important to sell that home in that neighbourhood. 

2. Your bio bites!

I can't even explain how many Instagram bios don't give an interested follower any information about where to contact the realtor for more. Lead people to do what you want and what you want is for a prospect to easily check out your website, email and call you.

3. Educate yourself about how to market on social media.

Don't approach it like a flyer with too much real estate content or like a personal photo album with too little real estate content. Marketing on social media is a fine balance with it's own rules and proven techniques for success. Instagram absolutely works to gain leads and if you aren't getting new leads through social it's time to get professional help. If it works for this guy, these ladies and this thing it can work for you too. 

We are offering a new series of workshops for small businesses including realtors! We'll be educating you on the specific techniques you can use to turn likes into leads on Instagram from the comfort of your office or our location in the heart of Toronto. You have nothing to lose and a million dollar listing to gain!

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