B.Y.O.B | Be Your Own Boss

I don’t ever remember a time when I didn’t want to be a “boss.” Since elementary school, because thats how far back my brain can remember right now, I’ve imagined myself as the CEO of some huge company. Then as I got older, and realized that black women could actually own their own businesses, my dreams switched from CEO of some huge company to CEO of my huge company.

When I was growing up, “doing my own thing” (as people liked to call entrepreneurship) was not popular, at least not in my family. The expectation was to go become a doctor or lawyer or engineer (because…African parents). The thought was that entrepreneurs didn’t make any money, and the ones that did were the exception not the rule. And I certainly didn’t know of any black women, except for Oprah of course. My parents encouraged me to go to college, choose a math or science major that would lead me to a high paying job. But being the stubborn, ambitious girl that I am, I chose a creative major and sketched a plan to build an empire.

Now, I’m so happy to look around and see women that look like me owning and succeeding in their own businesses. It reminds me that my dreams of “doing my own thing” isn’t weird and that success is possible. Not only is it possible, it can become the rule and not the exception. I believe it is dreams like mine and so many others that created the niche for The Entrepreneur Store: a place that believes you can make your own business from creativity, uncertainty and opportunity.

As a believer in the fact that words have power, I try to remind myself daily of who I am and what I bring to the table. This Entrepreneur shirt is my reminder that my dream is valid and that I will make it.

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taniqua russ

Taniqua Russ is a twenty-something-year-old with a passion for fashion and helping women succeed, because success ain't fun if the homies can't have none. TaniquaRuss.com is a fashion and lifestyle blog, where millennial women can gain the confidence needed to conquer their life in faith and style. She shares her experiences and hopes to encourage you to take risks, achieve your dreams and live by faith in your personal and professional lives.