3 Things I Learned About Business On My Honeymoon

So I'm back to the grind of entrepreneurship following my wonderful wedding and honeymoon in New York City. Every time I visit New York I return renewed and re-motivated not just because that's what vacations do but because New Yorkers are such enthusiastic hustlers!

There are a three things about doing business with enthusiasm and hustling with gusto that New York reminds me of every time I visit.

1. Customer service is about negotiation and conversation

I was amazed that the sidewalk pretzel vendor was insisting on chatting and willing to haggle on the price of his snacks. Again and again I encountered retailers and vendors who were open to negotiating their prices. Price is an agreement between buyer and seller and when both parties feel like they are winning the door of possibility for repeat business is opened. In Canada I have found that the sticker price is generally accepted unquestioningly. My experience with New York vendors reminds me to be willing and open to talking about price, cost and what exactly the customer needs and is willing and able to pay. Great customer service is delivered when both parties are happy and satisfied about the service rendered and the cost required. It was a sweet reminder to be open to conversation and to be flexible with every customer I encounter no matter how small or great the cost or the service. 

2. Stand up and stand out

New Yorkers seem to stride with confidence, treat skyscrapers like they are never enough and hold the bold, loud and brazen with high esteem. Looking at the landmark Statue of Liberty really made it clear to me that the New Yorker approach to business and life is loud, proud and determined to not allow anything to stand in the way of achieving a goal. All entrepreneurs can stand to be reminded to approach business with unapologetic determination. 

3. Take a moment to appreciate the experience

There are a million cliches about focusing on the journey of life rather than on a destination. Taking some time to enjoy the city, my new husband and the summer heat was an AMAZING blessing. Sometimes rushing from one priority to the next entrepreneurs forget about the life that's happening outside and around their business. Take a little time to enjoy your loved ones, take in the natural world around you and enjoy what is wonderful about the present moment.  Take stock of where you are, how far you have come and where you would love to go next. Reflection and appreciation of where you are right now helps to relieve some of the anxiety that can build up as you strive to accomplish your next feat. Take a few minutes' break and sit on a public bench, share your dinner with someone you care about or just look out of your window and think --- live in the moment.