Entrepreneurs Rock!

This store is the stomping grounds for entrepreneurs. It was started for the sole purpose to give encouragement to ENTREPRENEUR souls. Nothing says boss like rocking clothing that helps to drive your entrepreneur spirit.

Being born into a family of entrepreneurs is empowering in itself. Seeing how a family of six can all turn into business women striving to make their mark on the world in their own entrepreneurial way makes me even more driven to become successful writer and speaker.

But today as I walked into work boldly wearing my very own entrepreneur shirt I felt empowered with strength to continue working towards the goal of continuing to get my own business off the ground. To have the courage to be working solely for myself soon.

As I was getting on the elevator. I noticed a woman eyeballing me. She final spoke up, asking me what it said on my shirt. With pride, smiling I pulled back my jacket so she could read for herself. “entrepreneur”.

This is not just a shirt I’m wearing it’s a brand, a movement, a calling, my purpose all that was expressed in my stride as I exited left out of the elevator and walked into the office to my desk.

Shirt: Entrepreneur Store use code INDIGO for free shipping.

I’m Indigo Metellus, is a child of God.  A wife (married in April 2014). An HBCU Graduate of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (aka NC A&T SU) holding a degree in Accounting. A master student of Montreat College in the Master of Leadership and Management  A daughter, sister, and auntie.

I’m is a talented person. A writer, producing and touring plays (coming to a city near you). A lover of God and of love. I talk and write about what God has placed on my heart. I’m on a journey with a few unplanned bumps but with God all things are possible.

I share my life experience the good, the bad, and those what the heck was that moment in the hope that they will help someone else become a better person. The one thing that bugs me is someone sharing with me something they know nothing about or going around the bush to get to the real point.

I’m Just Indigo, a loud, funny, and bold girl for Los Angeles, CA enjoying the woman I’m becoming through my weight gains, and losses, losing my mother (best friend), marrying the love of my life and growing closer to God through prayer and a personal relationship who else can I be but myself  because I don’t know how to be anyone else but me. My true authentic self.