My Entrepreneur and SuccessFUELMom Lifestyle

There is no greater joy and freedom than to realize and live what you were born to do!  An Entrepreneur is who I am designed to be and the path to that realization is a story in itself.  

I came to USA from the beautiful country of Cote D’Ivoire almost 25 years ago, thinking I wanted to become a pharmacist. Once I started the program, I fell in love with Mathematics so I decided to study Computational Science instead which combined my love of Math with the growing field of Computer Science. Once I started the program, I fell in love with Finance so I decided to study MBA Finance. Once I started the program, life hardships interrupted my plans. I took a well needed break with the understanding that I would come back and finish. That was about 13 years ago and since then, I found the love of my life in the person of Jesus.

I met a handsome God-fearing man in my husband of 12 years now. We are currently raising 3 smart beauties who are keeping our hearts and lives full!! Today, I am at a fantastic place as an entrepreneur sans MBA yet and living my SuccessFUELMom lifestyle. SuccessFUELMom lifestyle is understanding that to be successful, you have to first unlock your “Who” and “Why” in order to get to your “What”. I do what I love and love what I do as a wife, mom, and entrepreneur. That’s why I am excited to partner with a brand new company like the Entrepreneur Store whose mission is geared toward supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of all entrepreneurs. This Entrepreneur tee-shirt reminds me to own my lane as a proud Entrepreneur and look chic while living on purpose!

What I'm wearing

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There is a greatness in each of us and discovering the 'why' will make way for the 'how' so we can live our SuccessFUEL life. As for me, I thrive each day to be the best entrepreneur I can be. I look for opportunities for building, growing and supporting other budding entrepreneurs around me. The best in my entrepreneurial journey is yet to come and I am loving every moment!

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I am Nathalie O'Donald. I am happily married to my amazing husband of over ten years and we are raising 3 beautiful daughters in Connecticut. I started the website as a vehicle to share my passion for everything family, Fitlife, food and fashion. It's all about SuccessFUEL mom lifestyle where I teach and motivate others to win in their own lane as mompreneur because I believe that behind every successful mompreneur is a tribe of other successful mompreneurs!!!

Thank you for sharing the journey and I would love to get to know you so please feel free to comment and introduce yourself. Welcome SuccessFUEL friend and bisous!!!