5 Tip Tuesday: 5 Entrepreneurs Who Can Help You Get Hitched!

This spring my favourite guy proposed and this summer we got married! We agreed early on that our energy should be spent on preparing for marriage and that the wedding should be as low-maintenance as possible. So, we kept the invitee list extremely small, shopped locally and put a two week time limit on agonizing over any one decision. In the end we planned and executed the intimate and meaningful wedding of our dreams. The help we received from family and friends was one of the major reasons we were able to pull it off in such a short period of time but another key to our success was using local vendors for our special day.

Receiving the services of local entrepreneurs meant we always had a great line of communication directly to the business owner, it kept the cost down and ultimately the entire process was mostly stress-free. If you are planning a small wedding the following entrepreneurs can provide the services you need to create the day of your dreams.


1. Seamstress

My veil was custom made by a seamstress who is a family friend. Throughout this wedding process I've come to discover some custom clothing is cheaper than store-bought clothing to produce. There are many seamstresses you can find through the grapevine (ask around), on Kijiji and Craigslist, who are willing to sew bridesmaid dresses, wedding gowns, veils and more for a fraction of the store price. Check out your local listings for a seamstress whose work you like and and give her your business! You'll receive a high-quality product made exclusively for you. 

2. Baker

Cake prices can be incredible especially if you are requesting something special or culturally specific like Jamaican rum cake. Using a local baker was the best decision we made! Not only did she make the two different cakes we wanted but she also gave us a whole cake to sample before we committed. She went above and beyond expectations to ensure we were happy (and well fed). Ask your friends and family to recommend a baker they trust. 

Photographer Jon Blak 

Photographer Jon Blak 

3. Photographer

Jon is an artist and a professional. He made sure to come to the venue on several occasions before the actual event to check lighting, angles and all the other details only great photographers understand. Because the lines of communication were open we were able to chat with him, ask questions and know what to expect before the big day. I'm happy I went with Jon instead of a large photography company because we wanted our wedding to be a very intimate family event. Because we got to know him so well before the day he blended into the group and we were spared feeling like a stranger was intruding into our most private moments. 

Regina Trattoria & Pizzeria

Regina Trattoria & Pizzeria

4. Family Restaurant Owner

Finding a hall or a restaurant for your reception can easily be your biggest expense. Getting a large venue, especially in the downtown core has frightened many engaged couples out of the city and into the boonies. You can hold a reception locally if you ask your local mom and pop shops, small bistros and family-owned businesses for quotes. The customer service we received at Regina Trattoria & Pizzeria was amazing. Livio, the owner, made our wedding a priority and he personally addressed all of our concerns and followed up with each stage of the planning. The food was good and the service was beyond great. It was as comfortable as eating at home without worrying about cleaning up!

5. Officiant

Your officiant can set the tone of your entire ceremony. Selecting an officiant who is invested in the success of your marriage, not just the day, is key. Meet with that person before your ceremony and make sure they get to know both of you. Don't simply go with the person your city hall, church or institution assigns for your day. Get to know and take an active role in selecting your officiant. The more control, information and involvement you have in planning your marriage the less stress you will feel on the day of your wedding. Shout out to Pastor JD! He was awesome.

However you decide to conduct your wedding or special event, the closer your relationship with your vendors, the better. The local entrepreneurs who helped us with our wedding made the day affordable and stress-free. Do you use the services of a local entrepreneur you would recommend? Who is it and what service do they provide? Shout them out in the comments below and let's help each other get the best products and services while supporting local business owners just like us.