Laser Is The Clear Summer Essential

Happy Summer! Finally, today, Wednesday June 21st, is the first day of summer. When I think of summer I consider all of the fun and interesting clothing I'll get to wear that won't be covered by a coat, the street festivals and outdoor activities I'll be visiting with friends and how beautifully my skin and hair will be glistening and glowing in this heat and humidity. Unfortunately for me, all of the body hair I've been able to conceal under winter clothing is revealed in the summer sun and in previous years the fear of exposing my body in the bright daylight has forced me to find an affordable, maintainable solution to my body hair problem.

I've experimented with hair removal creams (messy, smelly and only effective for the short term), waxing (messy, painful and bruised and burned my skin to get every strand of hair on my chiny chin chin), and plucking (bruised and damaged my skin where the thickest hairs were routinely plucked). Of all the hair removal solutions I've tried, shaving and laser, in tandem, have been the most effective. Laser has effectively reduced the amount of hair that grows on the area treated over time and has made the hair that does grow finer than I've ever experienced since puberty! In addition to reducing the hair, laser is my favourite solution because it does not damage my skin where the hair is removed. Women of colour are particularly prone to this condition called hyperpigmentation. Ripping hair out of the follicle by plucking it can cause the follicle to stimulate an overproduction of melanin which in turn causes a darkening of the skin at the location of the tweezing. By using laser hair removal over the years, my skin has recovered from the hyperpigmentation and damage I caused it through years of frustrated plucking, waxing and hair removal cream use. 

Last week I had an opportunity to try the new CLARITY: Lutronic laser solution at Dermedica Laser & Spa in Toronto ( 361 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M5N 1A3).  The trial event was hosted by TwentyOneTon and I have to thank Sherely Joseph for introducing me to this clinic. It was nice to visit my old neighbourhood at Young and Eligible (ha! Yonge and Eglinton) before my appointment. When I arrived at the building the staff were very friendly in greeting me and explaining the process of laser hair removal, how melanated skin reacts to laser and what to look for in an effective and safe laser experience. There are a lot of technicians in clinics and in basements claiming to provide laser hair removal experiences for everyone. Beware! I have had a variety of experiences and I can attest to the fact not all lasers are created equal for all skin types! If you are considering trying laser hair removal speak to the staff at Dermedica Laser & Spa in Toronto. They are very knowledgeable and are eager to share as much information with you as you need. Please be sure to understand the procedure before choosing a clinic or experimenting with laser hair removal. The staff at Dermedica Laser & Spa will help you out.

In addition to having nice staff, the founder, Zara, had a friendly and open chat with me about beauty and business. In entrepreneurship, looking good is more important than you would like to think. Networking events, client meetings, media outreach and your general presence as a business person online and offline is a representation of what your business stands for. Women are under a unique pressure to ensure our appearance is pleasing to the person we are doing business with. It's unfair but it's real and a womanpreneur like Zara understands what we are dealing with, as women, in business and in life. 

I can't say enough about how enjoyable my experience was at Dermedica Laser & Spa. The CLARITY: Lutronic laser that I tried was not painless, as they claimed, but it was definitely less painful than any other laser treatment I have received before. The appointment was so relaxed, friendly and pleasantly chatty that by the time I left I forgot I had just had a procedure! 

A great experience at Dermedica Laser & Spa is just a bonus to the wonderful things laser hair removal has done for me personally and professionally. I can genuinely say I look forward to the summer ahead!

Have you had laser hair removal? If so, what was your experience? If you haven't tried laser what technique do you use for hair removal? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and say 'hello' to summer.