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Karen M. Lowe: Wants You To Go After Your Dreams!

One of my fave parts of this interview is when Karen lets me know one of the biggest mistakes business owners makes. You gotta read the interview to find out!

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3 Mistakes Businesses Make and How To Avoid Them

I came across this post while scrolling through Instagram and begged her for permission to repost it here for the benefit of everyone who reads this blog. LaLaa's insights are correct and concise. So take just a couple of minutes to ensure that you're not making any of these mistakes in your business.

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Jack of All Trades Master of One: What Celebs Can Teach Us About Reinventing A Brand

I meet creative professionals and artistic entrepreneurs every day who tell me they have too many talents and interests to be labeled as one thing. If the life of David Bowie the rock chameleon and master of reinvention can teach these creative entrepreneurs anything it is ...

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5 Tip Tuesday: Signs of a Salesperson

Learning to be a salesperson is a necessary part of being a successful entrepreneur. If you love what your business can do for others you will be motivated to sell yourself, your product or your service. Being pulled to do something from the inside is more powerful than being pushed to do it from the outside. Sales is not just something you have to do for your business, sales should be something you want to do for your customers.

Here are a few characteristics of great salespeople.

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5 Tip Tuesday: How to Get the Most out of a Marketing Book

Books are a great way to learn about anything. Heck, there are even books to tell you how to be happy. Unfortunately, how-to books can seem daunting with all their information. So BLPR has put together a short guide to help you get the most information in an efficient manner from any marketing book.

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