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Sell with your heart not your head

When you're browsing for your fantasy diamond engagement ring on Pinterest (I know I'm not the only one) do you look for information about features (the 3 Cs) or do you pin a lot of images of happy couples kissing with a huge rock on the woman's finger? In other words, do you have more pins like this;

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Finish Line Marketing: 5 Guidelines for Finish Line Marketing

But marketing your business is like training for a competition. There are a thousand unsexy elements of what it takes to run your business and sell your products that your customer is not interested in knowing. 

Marketing your business online and off requires finish line marketing. Your customers want to see the results. Your customers want to participate in your triumphant moments. Occasionally, your customers even want a peek at your process but only insofar as it builds their trust in your ability to understand and solve their problem. 

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5 Tip Tuesday: How to be a great mentor

When you hire a new employee your relief at getting some help with your business needs can be overwhelming. Help, FINALLY! Don't let your feelings of relief overtake your feelings of responsibility. As Superman's father said "With great power comes great responsibility." You aren't just a boss, manager or overseer you are a mentor. Say it loud, say it proud "I am a mentor!"

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