The Social

This week, my colleagues and I watched a live taping of The Social on CTV. We were looking for a day out and this was a fun ladies’ date in the afternoon. Television talk shows are fantastic venues for product promotion. During the show taping the hosts discussed fashion finesses and faux pas at the Golden Globes, popular baby names and their latest book club selection. Now I’m sure their book club will help boost the sales of Cindy Chupack’s book The Longest Date: Life as a Wife.

Promoting products through television shows that people do not see as commercials is ingenious and networks have been doing it for decades. Viewers will not automatically know when to flip channels as they have been trained to do for the traditional commercial break so they are more likely to watch the product being promoted. The cuddly and endearing hosts are shown laughing and endorsing the product in an indirect and non-threatening way in which the audience can feel engaged. Well done The Social, well done. We see you and shows like yours and all we can say is brava. It’s about time Canada!

The Social also encouraged the audience to use social media throughout the show. Texting, tweeting, IG photos and Facebook posting were welcomed. The hosts greeted audience members and posed for photos after the show. Clearly, the show’s producers understand the power of social media for self-promotion and audience engagement.

Television is not dead… yet.

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