Taking It Offline

Sometimes blogging can be lonely. In my experience, I work at the computer but I also spend my leisure time sitting at a computer to share my thoughts as an entrepreneur so that others who are building business can benefit. Blogging is only one of a few things I do but it is the one thing that really makes me appreciate the community of people online who make the effort to take those relationships offline too. Last week the Black Bloggers United Toronto chapter met for the monthly #BBUpowerhour at Lucullus Bakery (31 Elm Street, Toronto).

dr vibe and nicole.jpg

This meetup was especially great because I finally met my online friend Dr.Vibe. I have been listening to Dr.Vibe's podcast for a couple of years and last year I had the honour of being a guest on his show. We finally met in person at this last April #BBUPowerHour and he was just the same in person as he was online. It is always amazing when you follow or converse with someone online then finally meet them and feel like you already know them. It's weird and wonderful for me every time.

So if you have an opportunity over the next two weeks I encourage you to meet one of your online friends offline. Not sure where to start? Do a vlog collaboration, attend the next BBU event in Toronto (Saturday, April 29th, 2017) or get together for a work session at your local coffice.

coffee shop.jpg

Sam Title, the founder of TheCoffice.biz, has a great resource with location trackers that identify the best coffices in your area. Sam's a great guy and if you follow him on Twitter you get the latest coffice news, etiquette and tips.

Check out thecoffice.biz before you plan your next Ten Thousand Coffees date!


If you have a business, transfer an online experience for your customer to an offline one. Not sure where to start? Create a pop-up shop, deliver your product or service straight to their door or host a launch event, like we did for MeBookz.


MeBookz creates customized books for children when you select a story and send a photograph of your child online. We help the very first MeBookz launch event for children and their families in Toronto and it was amazing!




Do you have any ideas for how to bring your online and offline worlds together? Is there anything you are afraid to try? Share in the comments below and let's get a conversation started. There's always a way to bring your online audience offline (and vice-versa) because there are no barriers, the online and offline worlds are one.