Get Bitten By The Book Bug

Do you like reading books, blogs or both? I love both because I enjoy the reading experience: a quiet park, time to myself, an interesting story and a good cup of iced tea. Commercial leaders and market researchers are finding that consumers value experiences over things. This means that businesses of the present and the future will have to learn to adjust their thinking: the publishing industry must WAKE UP like the music industry has before it.

The emphasis on selling now must be on selling the experience of reading, the craftsmanship of writing and the relationships formed over conversations about books, blogs, writers and readers. Indigo calls itself "Canada's largest book, gift and specialty toy retailer" and it is interesting to notice that as it has fought to stay alive while other bookstores closed, it expanded to sell more than just physical copies of books but also sells an entire lifestyle in store. Publishers, take note!  From bookstore to lifestyle boutique Indigo sells products that enhance the experiences around reading in addition to the books themselves. And there will only be more of this experience informing the sales of books as Amazon opens it's stores in real life.

Some areas, like the graphic novel section, are absolutely gorgeous, more like art displays than bookshelves.
— Amy Diegelman, Book Riot: The Amazon Book Store Experience - What's The Point?

We are also expanding the marketing services we provide for authors through a new platform called leopard lit. More authors than ever are exposing their talents into the world; however, many of them are self-published. There is more to getting your book read or purchased by readers than writing, getting an ebook cover designed on Fiverr and posting it on Amazon. What many of these self-published authors are missing, is a well-executed plan to make contact with their readers. This is where we come in.

What I have found, in my experience of working with author clients, is that talented writers are finding it easier to get their work into the world than ever before. Writers are self-publishing at record rates but many are not making the millions they had hoped. This is partly because of the increased competition for an individual's attention (competition with traditional publishers, self-publishers, blogs, television and video games is fierce). What the traditional book publishers have provided in the past was marketing and distribution. They were able to broker the deals to get an author on the right TV and radio shows to promote their book. Publishers also had the connections to place the book in the stores that people purchased them in. With the rise of ebooks and self-publishing, authors have to be their own public relations agent, manager and distribution salesperson. Unsurprisingly, many authors don't know where to start managing these tasks or spend a lot of time and money learning a very little bit.

We are working with authors through leopard lit, to give them a start. We publish book reviews and podcast author interviews, sponsor giveaways, commission book-themed art, hold special events and do whatever it takes to get creative work in the hands of appreciative readers. It's tough to cut through the noise, but it's a little easier when you're strategic and have a skilled team working with you. 

If you are interested in working with leopard lit to create a great experience around your work, kickstart your marketing with us!