Kids Books I Love

Talking about anything to do with books is my pleasure. When I get together with my other book-lover friends it begins to sound like the comment section of Goodreads - everybody has an opinion.

Raised by a mother who forced me to read books early, surprisingly I learned to love them. Now my education and career are dedicated to reading everything, literature and communications.

Have you learned to love books? What were your favourites as a child?

Do you remember Choose Your Own Adventure books?

I don't know about you but one of my favourites was Choose Your Own Adventure. These books were popular at my junior high school (shout out to Glenhaven Sr. Public School) because kids could choose how the story unfolds ---- the story is up to you. I believe books like Choose Your Own Adventure helped to plant the seeds of entrepreneurship in many kids of my generation. Giving youth a chance to have a hand in their destiny gave them a taste for forging their own path and taking risks with their imagination. 

Now we have an opportunity to expose kids to a whole new generation of individualized learning. Think about what an impact that might have on the making of amazing future entrepreneurs!  

Fortunately you can get something from MeBookz for the kids in your life. MeBookz is a Canadian company that creates customized books for kids. Just submit a photo and a little info about your kid's favourites and they create a unique book that stars your child.  

FEb 25 Twitter party 2.jpg

This Saturday, February 25 MeBookz is hosting a Twitter chat about your favourite kids books from your childhood. Join me and other longtime book lovers in the chat by logging into Twitter on Saturday, February 25 at 5pm EST and participate in the conversation when you use #kidsbooksilove.

See you Saturday!