Girls With Curls Contest

If you've been on the internet over the last fifteen years you can't help but notice the resurgence of the natural hair movement in images, articles and forums online. I have to admit that I've been a part of the 'movement' since I stopped chemically straightening my hair somewhere around 2010. My hair was so damaged and unmanageable I stopped maintaining the perm and wore protective styles like braids, weave, wigs, twists and now occasionally an afro to grow my natural nappy hair.

Now that my hair is entirely nappy it's happily healthy too. I love watching YouTube videos of curly haired women describing their natural hair journeys and scrolling through countless Pinterest boards dedicated to beautiful girls rocking their natural hair gives me joy.

mane maintenance pins.jpg

What makes this natural hair movement especially great is that I can remember when it was considered unprofessional to wear your natural hair unless your hair was straight. It feels amazing to now live in a time where everyone is encouraged to celebrate their hair in it's natural form again. Kinky, curly, coily and wavy textured hair that has historically been treated as unruly and unattractive by the standard beauty industry is now being embraced and that's a fantastic step forward!

So if you have curly, kinky, coily and wavy textured hair congratulations! There are now more beauty icons, images, services and products that include you too. 

For those women with naturally curly and wavy hair textures I have good news for you! 

This week, in celebration of Valentine's Day, Girls With Curls is holding an Instagram contest to encourage you to love yourself and your hair just the way you are. It's called the Yours To Love Girls With Curls Valentine's Day Contest. To enter, post a selfie of a good hair day (when you're really feeling yourself and your hair) with the hashtag #yourstolove and tag @ddgirlswithcurls on Instagram. You might be eligible to win a self care package of products from Girls With Curls! 

Full disclosure, I know this brand intimately and promoting their products benefits me as well as it benefits you. So enter the contest and get some pf these Girls With Curls products. There's nothing more lovely for Valentine's Day than something absolutely FREE right? Contest closes February 14 so hurry up and post your selfie. Winners will be announced after Valentine's Day. Good luck!