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5 Tip Tuesday: 5 Ways To Promote Your Business Without Bragging About It

When you are proud of your business, it may be easy to get carried away talking about it. Although talking about your business is a great way to gain exposure and show off your accomplishments, it is imperative that you do so in an appropriate and modest manner so you do not offend others. Here are 5 ways to successfully promote your business without bragging about it:

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5 Tip Tuesday: 5 Podcasts That Every Entrepreneur Should Listen To

As an entrepreneur, your time is very valuable. What you choose to do with this valuable time is likely directed at creating a successful business. Podcasts are a great way for entrepreneurs to learn from other entrepreneurs who are sharing their personal experiences and ideas in the form of episodic stories and talk shows. Podcasts are digital audio files that can be easily downloaded, and they are ultimately a great way to catch an interesting story or piece of advice while on the go. Here are 5 great podcasts that every entrepreneur should listen to this year:

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