Tools of the Trade

I have begun using these tools of the trade this week. Although there are numerous apps and services in the world to help you publicize and organize your business there are a few stand-outs that have stood the test of business both big and small. 

Although I would love to think I can write, post, read, print and publish everything I need to stay current with the news and activity in public relations I’m not nearly as adept as I think I am. Short of hiring an intern,, Docusign and Hoot Suite have made my life hella easier over the last two weeks. Here is how they can work for you: 

Everyone who seems to be interested in developing a social media presence as a guru in their field uses this. Create a newsletter for your followers and subscribers from the material you read online. The newsletter is generated from your Facebook or Twitter feed, you can curate the content you like best or give your paper a theme AND best of all you can promote those you follow and they will promote you in turn. Everybody loves a promoter! 


I can’t praise this app enough. Love it! When you need to sign and date contracts or ask someone to witness them — while they are sitting next to you of course ;) — this app makes this process a snap! No more printing, scanning and sending of email. Click drag, click you’re done! DocuSign makes some your administrative tasks easy to do for your phone. Business on the go made possible by DocuSign.

Hoot Suite 

I am admittedly late to the Hoot Suite party but I’m ready to admit I can’t do it all myself. Hoot Suite makes it less of a headache to post on multiple social media accounts and monitor their progress throughout the day. I need to spend a little more time using Hoot Suite before I can comment further on it. So, for now we are just dating and I’ll give you updates on the progress of our relationship. Hoot!

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