5 Tip Tuesday: 5 Tips for Bloggers


1. Save your notes on the cloud.

Wherever you land you can add your notes and upload your photos and video to a central file location. You can also access your documents from any computer, tablet or smart phone that happens to me nearby.

2. Readers love information they can verify for themselves.

If you name-drop something or someone spectacular (Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn's tattoos), make sure you link your readers to more detailed information if you aren't prepared to explain it in your post.

3. Videos are king, photos are knights.

If you can get great photos for your blog - excellent. If you can get great video - you rule!

4. Treat blogging like a business.

Get a logo and business cards. Give your card to everyone you meet and talk about your blog with your extended network of friends, family and coworkers. You must bring your offline world online and word-of-mouth marketing still works. Your blog is a brand with a mission, vision and values make sure you stay focused on the message you want to send to the world about yourself and the value you want to bring to your audience. 

5. Specialize sweetheart.

Cover a niche, become an expert in something, choose a very specific area of expertise and be the first or be the best!

#ROAR! Talk to us here. Are these tips useful? What more should budding bloggers know? Contact us anytime for help with developing your brand and business as a blogger.

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