Entrepreneur Dating GTA #EDGTA

If you are an entrepreneur you may have had issues being consistently available for dates, having an inconsistent income, meeting potential partners who believe in your vision and making time to devote to the process of dating. I've certainly experienced my own personal challenges with finding a partner who would be compatible with my unconventional lifestyle. This is why last Thursday, February 25, in collaboration with Elevate Networking, we endeavoured to provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs and professionals to meet and possibly date each other in the Greater Toronto Area.

Following a great effort to publicise the event guests arrived at the Stori Aperitivo Bar (95 King St E)  to enjoy cocktails, games and entertainment. It was clear that personal partnership was on the minds of many entrepreneurs. Take a look at some of the media we did prior to the event to openly address the issues of entrepreneurs dating in the GTA. Return to the blog for a future post with photos and video from the event. 

Entrepreneur Dating GTA in Eligible Magazine

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