Conversation with Dr. Vibe

Dr. Vibe

Last week I had the pleasure of connecting with a podcast host I've listened to but never spoken with --- Dr. Vibe. His show is one of the many I listen to for business advice, motivation and information on Stitcher radio

If you are looking for some of my best marketing gems and a few new facts about me and how Black Leopard Public Relations came to be, take a listen. As I have said a million times over I must say again, if I can start and persist at making entrepreneurship work for me, so can you. Every day it is a struggle I feel excited about and this is a vocation from which no one can let me go.

What has your entrepreneur journey been like? When did you start? How do you feel about your business now? What advice would you have given your younger self? Would you change anything about your business today? Share your story, I want to know. 

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