5 Tip Tuesday: These 5 Followers Matter

Marketers like me often emphasize the importance of relationships in business.

"It's all about relationships."

You might hear me or someone like Gary Vaynerchuck say that. But the truth is that not all relationships are created equal. Your business has a purpose: making money, reaching customers, developing a network, bringing value to a community. Not all relationships can help your company reach its goals. 

So while you're spending your time and money to develop a loyal social media following that will engage with you, there are a select few of your followers who will give you a return on your investment. Here are the five followers who really matter for your business:

1. The Referrer

This is the person who follows you on a social media platform or who subscribes to your newsletter or someone who is simply interested in your business and understands what you sell. This person takes what they know about your business and tells other people about it in glowing terms. You will find this person referring customers to you on Facebook forums. Check your mentions! This is what the marketing business calls an 'influencer'. Some people do what this person says and when they are talking about you it means you have access to customers who already have a positive view of what you do. The Referrer is worth spending your money on. Reach out and offer them an affiliate program or a simple and direct payment for their help. They'll be sincerely grateful.

2.  The Local

This person lives near your store. You can drop flyers in their neighbourhood, target ads to their city and get a story about your business in the newspaper they read. Location, location, location gives you all the information you need to know to reach this customer. Sales start at home and there is no one easier to sell to than the customer next door. 

3. The Employee

No one knows your business as well as a former or current employee. Not only do they know about your business, but their family and friends know about it too. This person has the most to gain from your success because their paycheque depends on it. Treat them well and you have an entire community behind you. Make sure they are engaged in your outreach and they'll make your goals, their goals. 

4. The Direct Message Diva

This person writes long and personal direct messages to you. Taking the time to write you something original is not only nice, it's a valuable resource! You can ask them what they think and do your research in (semi) private without having to release a survey. That's access that no one can ask for, so if it's given to you take it and keep this person close!

5. The Closer

This is the one who purchases your product and creates content for you. They write reviews about your product online, tell their friends about it, create videos, take pictures of their experience and buy your product for the people closest to them. They give gifts, give advice and give great FREE content. This is a genuine fan, a return customer and a true treasure you need to hold. Track this person's presence online and I'm sure you'll find a mention, a direct message or two, a referral and an employee of yours in their family. The Closer may not have a huge following or experience with a corporate sponsor. They may not live down the street from your store. But the closer will attend your door crasher sales event and bring friends, they will circulate your business card and most importantly they will drive purchases of what you sell over and over again.     

Do you have a Closer in your business (other than you)? Can someone you already know be motivated to be a Closer? Everybody wants something. By monitoring your followers you can observe what they care about and who they are. Put in the time to find your Closer and your social media expense will be worth much more than you imagine.