5 Tip Tuesday: 5 Ways To Make Customers Choose You (Instead Of Your Competitors)


Do you aspire to have customers buy from you instead of your competitors?

Here are five tips on how you can make your customers patronize your business rather than your competitor.

1.    Create a positive experience for your customers

First impressions lasts longer. Customers will judge the value of your products and services based on how you make them feel. Their feelings could be effected by how well you communicate, how they enjoyed using your products, how interested they are in what you're talking about on your website, the quality of your photos on social media etc. All of these factors play a key role in making customers love your products or services enough to keep coming back to you. A good scenario will be the fashion industry where different brands competes among each other, a number of people might prefer to stick with a brand they have positive experience with rather than the other way round.   

2.     Provide exceptional product or service benefits

When operating in a competitive market, you need to emphasize the advantages of your products or services. This is because people make their buying decision on two levels – logical and emotional. The logical aspect focuses on tangible features that the product or services have to offer including warranty, price, color, size, ease of use, etc. Ensure you have at least one exceptional feature that is unique to your industry. When you are improving the lives of your customers in a way your competitors cannot, you will be sure to win their business.

3.     Research your competitors

It is essential to know your competition's strengths and weaknesses, so you can outperform their offers. Look at what others in the market are doing, and start building on your marketing strategy to get a slice of the action. For instance, you can followup on the current promotions, product launch and sales your competitor is doing in order to structure yours. 

4.     Address customer concerns

To market effectively you must address the concerns of your customers. Listen carefully to your customer's opinions both online and offline especially when they are talking about your products or services. Send out a survey to get client feedback or sign up for Google Alerts to receive a notification when your company is mentioned. Find out what they really think about you and adjust accordingly. Talk to your customers directly and ensure that they know that they are heard. Adjust your service according to their feedback and they will have confidence that you care about how they feel. Business is about managing relationships and the most important relationship for your company is with your customer. 

5. Measure your market performance

Measuring your performance regularly helps you generate new avenues to attract new customers and retain old customers. To effectively measure your performance, you will need to examine your goals and objectives in order to determine how close you are to achieving your goals and how much further you need to go. For instance, you will have to measure if there is an increase in customer retention, reduction in customer complaints, improvement in your market share and research more ways to penetrate the market. The basic steps  that you can use to measure your performance is by developing your key performance indicator, this could be your number of unit sales, net profit etc.

All five of these points explain the basic measures you can adopt to attract new customers to buy your products or services instead of that of your competitor. Now is the time to make a change in your business by putting these measures into motion, the power is in your hands, use it.

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